Check Out These Newport News Virginia Restaurants During Your Stay

I have been telling you about some of the best restaurants in Manassas VA, but I am going to take you to a different city this time around. We are going to the city of Newport News VA, and there are 450 restaurants to choose from when you want a bite to eat. Save your time and brain power because I am going to tell you the names of four Newport News restaurants that you will know ahead of time are going to impress.

County Grill is a good pick, and it is found on George Washington Memorial Highway. You can order up brisket, potato salad and corn muffins and call it a day. Wait a second though because they also serve up banana pudding there. I wonder if the banana pudding they make comes close to what my mom makes. The menu highlights for County Grill also include smoked wings.

Viking Burger is a great choice, too, and it can be found on Warwick Boulevard. The picture of one of their burgers on a top travel site looks absolutely scrumptious, and I am not even hungry at the moment. I just finished eating, and I think I could still try to make an attempt at this burger. They serve up stuffed burgers at this place.

The Cove Tavern is the 3rd restaurant that I wanted to mention, and it is found at Lakefront Commons. A delicious country fried steak is in one of the pictures, and the menu highlights include chicken waffles, Cuban sandwiches and crab cakes. One reviewer talks about Asian nachos served up there that are really good, too.

The fourth restaurant is going to be Food Craft. This Victory Boulevard restaurant also serves up a delicious looking country fried steak, just like The Cove Tavern. Food Craft is a favorite for brunch, and they also serve up pancakes, home fries, omelets and more. So you know you have a good breakfast spot you can count on when visiting Newport News, Virginia.

I am going to go ahead and recommend one more restaurant in closing. You have some great choices, but maybe this next one will still be your favorite, who knows. Vancostas is on Warwick Boulevard, and some of the menu items you can order up include pizza, fried potatoes and spaghetti. Now you can pick a restaurant since you have five to choose from instead of just four.