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Check Out These Newport News Virginia Restaurants During Your Stay

I have been telling you about some of the best restaurants in Manassas VA, but I am going to take you to a different city this time around. We are going to the city of Newport News VA, and there are 450 restaurants to choose from when you want a bite to eat. Save your time and brain power because I am going to tell you the names of four Newport News restaurants that you will know ahead of time are going to impress.

County Grill is a good pick, and it is found on George Washington Memorial Highway. You can order up brisket, potato salad and corn muffins and call it a day. Wait a second though because they also serve up banana pudding there. I wonder if the banana pudding they make comes close to what my mom makes. The menu highlights for County Grill also include smoked wings.

Viking Burger...

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